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Luiza Borges is a Brazilian singer and artist who operates in the independent cultural scene, both local (Rio de Janeiro) and nationwide. She has performed at the best-known theaters in Rio, and she has toured throughout the country with concerts and plays.

She has been a singing teacher for over 10 years. She is also a poet and a songwriter in her free time.

In the early stages of her career she was finalist in Carioca da Gema Club 4th New Talents Show. As a samba singer, she was the lead singer in “rodas” at the most prestigious samba clubs in Lapa. In 2013 she featured in the TV show “Samba na Gamboa”, side by side with Diogo Nogueira.

A highlight in Luiza’s career is the duo with violinist André Siqueira, with whom she has worked for over 15 years. This partnership is present in her two solo albums, Romanceiro (Romancer, Bolacha Discos, 2012) and Certezas Inacreditáveis (Unbelievable Certainties, Bolacha Discos, 2017), both dedicated to contemporary songwriters and composers, in which André was music director. Both albums are available on all streaming platforms.

Luiza already showed skills as a songwriter when including one of her own songs in each of her albums, but not until she met the poet and composer Tulio Borges, from Brasília, did these skills develop into great talent.

In 2016, Luiza launched her poetry book Silêncio Absoluto (Absolute Silence) in which her poems were put to music by Tulio Borges. From then on, their partnership has given way to original songs, concerts in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and inspiration enough for Luiza to keep on writing.

If you wish to know more about her poems, access the blog from this site. You can buy the book here.


You can listen to some of Luiza’s songs in the video section of this site, or on her YouTube channel.

Besides her solo career, Luiza recorded the album “Leve o Porto – Mulheres que cantam Pedro Ivo” (Take the Port – Women sing Pedro Ivo, Tratore, 2011) together with singers Karla da Silva, Aline Paes and Patricia Oliveira.

In the theater, she featured with actor Pedro Cardoso in the last staging of “Os Ignorantes” (The Ignorant), was soloist in the play “Com Amor, Vinícius” (With Love, Vinícius) by Marcos França and Hugo Sukman, and at present integrates the project “Decopulagem” with the dancer and writer Aline Bernardi, for which she wrote the text and Renato Frazão wrote the songs.

In 2020, during the quarantine, she did the VIRAGEM livestreams, with over thirty hours of performances, to which she invited innumerous artists. She also launched a video clip and a single of the song “50 days homebound”.

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