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50 Days Homebound

(TRATORE, 2020)

Capa para o single 50 dias em casa em discografia.jpg

Song and lyrics were written by singer and songwriter Luiza Borges during the 2020 quarantine, on her fiftieth day in isolation.

The single was recorded separately in the homes of each artist involved, and the entire process was conceived, executed and managed remotely.


Unbelievable Certainties



“Produced by bass player Tassio Ramos, with music direction by guitarist André Siqueira, the album Unbelievable Certainties is out in the record market five years after the singer’s first solo album. Presenting an out-of-the-ordinary sonority, as do the unexpected songs in the record, Unbelievable Certainties culminates with Gilberto Gil’s philosophic Tempo Rei revival (…) Yes, Luiza Borges has her own light to shine.”

“Recorded thanks to collective funding of no less th an 150 supporters, “Unbelievable Certainties” (…) unveils a panel of the bubbling carioca aesthetic.”

By Mauro Ferreira and Tárik de Souza, music critics.




Romancer, Luiza Borges’s first album, was nominated to the 24th Brazilian Music Award, and was produced by Renato Frazão, with music direction by André Siqueira. The repertoire presents the listeners with a selection of original songs chosen from the work of rising carioca songwriters.

Take the Port – Women who sing Pedro Ivo

(TUMDUM, 2010)

leve o porto.PNG

Priceless collection conceived by Pedro Ivo and producing company Parabelo Cultural, recorded in 2010 at TumDum Studio and launched in 2011 by Tratora.

“Take the Port – Women who sing Pedro Ivo” brings the voices of Luiza Borges, Karla da Silva, Pati Oliveira, Aline Paes and Pedro Ivo himself. They sing songs by this brilliant singer and songwriter.

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