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Classes and Pedagogic Projects


Luiza Borges has a degree in Music Teaching from UNIRIO, as well as a degree from the Herz Method for popular singing, created by professor and voice researcher Angela Herz.

As a singing teacher, Luiza has guided, for over 10 years, an impressive number of people – voice professionals or otherwise – who seek vocal self-knowledge and musical enhancement. She has achieved so by using individual and collective approaches, both live and online.

As a voice coach for recordings and concerts, she worked with several artists of her generation; also, she coached a number of choirs supported by various companies in Rio de Janeiro, together with conductors Edu Morelembaum and Paulo Pauleira Malagutti.

Toda Voz Importa


She is founder of the collective “Every Voice Matters”, in which she acts as coordinator, teacher and singer. The collective performs concerts and group experiments that may be both pedagogic and therapeutic.


The other members are singing teacher Roberta Jardim, music therapist and singer Alice Sales and musician, teacher and music producer Tassio Ramos. To learn more, go to Instagram @todavozimporta.

Luiza also designed the activities listed below:

Breathing and Singing

Respirar e Cantar.jpg

Workshop idealized during the pandemic, when breathing became an important issue. The workshop addressed the issue by articulating respiratory practices with vocal practices, thus expanding breath and helping to ease vocalization;

In 2020, Luiza performed the live streams “Together”, generating 10 free online respiratory practices with guest voice, body and respiratory specialists. All live streams are available on her YouTube channel.

Practices of self-care –
the flows of voice and body

Práticas de Auto Cuidado - Luiza Borges_edited.jpg
Párticas de autocuidado - Aline Bernardi.jpg

Project with ballet dancer and dance teacher Aline Bernardi, which explores the relationships between dancing and singing, voice and movement.

Body Voice Laboratory

Laboratório Corpo Voz - Luiza Borges_edited.jpg
Laboratório Corpo Vo - Andrea Cardoso_edited.jpg

Project with antigym teacher Andréa Cardoso, in which both teachers foster collective singing by combining antigym techniques and the Herz Method approaches for popular singing.

To learn more about the above mentioned activities, and about private classes, either live or online, please write to email luizaborgesproduçã

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