Luiza Borges is from Rio de Janeiro and has studied music since she was a child. As a daughter of a musician she came into contact with this industry very early in life, developing her artistic ability as a singer while forming her career trajectory. She is also a graduate in Music from a University of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) and is a singing teacher.

With a refined vocal technique, Luiza brings together the musical skills and sensibility necessary to perform the following:  presents to the public a sophisticated and popular repertoire, worthy of comparison to some of the greatest moments in Brazilian music.

"Certezas Inacreditáveis"  is the name of the second CD elaborated by her. A path that deepens and takes apart one of the traits that has become the most characteristic of Luiza: diving in the world of contemporary song.  Produced by Tássio Ramos and whit  arrangements and musical direction by André Siqueira, the CD brig to us generations of composers that have been committed to encourage this new music, a moviment that has been one of the most authentic representations of Brazilian culture in the present day.  Also,"Certezas Inacreditáveis" is a journey through human issues, to inside ourselves and to some questions of the current world; the feelings, reflections and affections arrive through sounds, poetry and beauty.

Upon release of her first album, Romanceiro, in 2012, she was commended by renowned musicians such as Carlos Malta and João Bosco. The album was pre-selected for the 24th Award of Brazilian Music. Such work was included by the event unfolding "New Songs, Old News", created in 2010 aboard the Quartet Luiza Borges, through which the artist performed in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

In 2010, she recorded "Women singing Pedro Ivo" alongside tree others singers composer Pedro Ivo, whose repertoire comprised all the work. The CD was released in 2011.

In 2009, Luiza was one of the finalists of the New Talent Show 4th house Carioca da Gema. Through samba, the singer was performing in almost every house of that kind in the Lapa district, commanding samba circles from 2007 to 2012. 


“Hi Luiza, I heard your album and I liked it a lot. You're singing firm, safe and beautiful. You’re very well accompanied, I liked the guitarist / violinist, especially in 'Chovendo na Roseira' the atmosphere from the guitar is almost Iberian.  I also liked the way you recorded 'Terreirro de Jesus'. Well forward, animating the space. Congratulations and success to you!”

(João Bosco)

"Luiza Borges emerges in this country not just as another, but with a unique voice, accurate interpretation, good taste in repertoire, the sound of the arrangements, and in the choice of tone. Luiza demonstrates new directions for songs, with a music that comes to stay... wish her good luck and success always for her, and her voice to reach the hearts of Brazilians who  love the MPB (Good Brazilian Music).

(Carlos Malta)

Listen "Romanceiro", the first album: